Build strong
and trustful relationships with every customer

Analyze all contact center calls, improve customer experience in real-time, build a strong customer relationships culture in your company.

Build strong and trustful relationships with every customer

Cutting-edge call emotional analytics system

Improve your customer relationships in real-time for every call
AI algorithms identify negative emotional signals of the client
1 analyzes 100% of all your calls
in real-time
Operator get advices on how to improve the customer experience

Continuous self improvement system

Personal AI-coach for each employee
Trust with customers built up over the years, can be destroyed with just one wrong word. Therefore there can be no unimportant conversations with your customers. Each dialogue either increases or decreases credibility to your company.

Powered by emotional artificial intelligence, helps your employees improve customer relationships with every call.
Advanced emotional analysis 100% of all conversations
D.AI provides unique tools for detailed analysis of calls and allows your company:

• Analyze all 100% of calls
• Reveal anger, irritability of clients
• Assess the level of customer trust and empathy
• Monitor the progress of each employee
• Identify the reasons for customer churn
• Link the quality of the calls to the motivation system
Emotion and speech analysis fine-tuned to your company words specific
Each business has its own unique terms and phrases that artificial intelligence should be able to correctly recognize in poor-quality phone calls. allows you to customize speech analytics and emotion analysis for the specifics of your business with a recognition accuracy of up to 98%. You just need to correct the text/emotion of any phrase and neural network remembers it.

Bring your business to the next level

Using voice analytics technology, you can quickly analyze all conversations with customers and identify the points of growth of your business.
You don't need to listen to all calls anymore. will highlight the critical ones and help minimize the cost of monitoring employees.
Quickly identify unhappy clients and improve your customer experience.