DeepSound AI

The fastest and accurate neural network technology* for any sound analysis
* Best Top 3% at Kaggle International Sound Competition (35th place from 1143 teams), 2021

Our mission

Each sound holds more secrets and useful information than we can actually hear. Our mission is to effectively utilize the information extracted from sound to solve problems around the globe.
Honored by UN Summit

High-precision sound analysis is our passion

DeepSound is a deep-tech company specializing in high-precision sound analysis and classification using the unique neural network technology DeepSound AI.

We are engaged in the development of cutting-edge technologies and the integration of our own solutions into production and service processes, medicine, and veterinary.
less size
more effective
* Classification accuracy
** Neural Network size
*** DCASE 2020 Challenge results
Comparison of DeepSound AI performance with DCASE 2020 international competition winner (Task 1A) ***

DeepSound AI for Good

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