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DCASE 2022. Predictive diagnostics of equipment breakdown by sound
Competition · 2022
Neural network for client classification during phone calls (Lead/Non-Lead)
Algorithm · 2023
Introducing a Neural Network for Detecting Negative and Positive Speech Interruptions
Research · 2023
Neural network for detecting fatigue in the operator's voice during phone call
Algorithm · 2023
Noise detection and recognition in the operator's background during phone calls
Algorithm · 2023
Neural network for quickly annotating the meaning of a call
Algorithm · 2023
Neural network for detecting negative voice emotions in phone calls
Algorithm · 2023
Neural network for pauses holding analysis during a phone call
Algorithm· 2023
Improved Speech-to-text architecture for low quality phone calls analysis
Algorithm · 2024

Every sound holds more secrets than you realize

We are experts in the research and development of AI for audio analysis and work together with experts, partners and organizations to ensure our technologies benefit society.

Diagnose respiratory diseases in less than a second with up to 98% accuracy

Improve your customer experience and create a strong customer relationship culture within your company.

Three years of in-depth research on early disease diagnostics in animals

Our goal is to leverage cutting-edge AI to develop non-invasive diagnostic and health monitoring methods for animals.

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